MM6-a (62K) MM6-b (63K)

Volume 6 was never commercially released by NRM, this record was obtained by the author directly from Mad Mike.
100-200 (???) reportedly pressed.  One copy pressed on colored vinyl has surfaced in 2017- View the blue wax LP here!
No jackets were produced commercially although crudely-produced oversize 2-piece covers exist.  The hand-etched matrix
shows MM-VOL-6-A, MM-VOL-6-B.  Note that the National Record Mart logo has been removed and "Mad Mike Moldies"
once again appears on the record label.  Apparently, the addition of "Collectors Series" to the title was not enough to distinguish
this indie production from the trademarked National Record Mart series and retail distribution was quickly halted.  Weight: 167.5g

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