vol2a-purple (356K)vol2b-purple (339K)

As of April 2014 this is the only known copy pressed on color vinyl.  Weight- 157.6 gm

Until this record came to our attention it was assumed there were no color vinyl pressings of Mad Mike Moldies LP's prior to the release of Volume 5 and the Volume 1 re-issue!  The record is an authentic G&C Pressing Inc. production; note in the above photos that its labels carry an impression identical to the early black vinyl Volume 2 pressings (deadwax matrix etchings are likewise identical).  We believe this unique (?) color vinyl record was produced 'under the radar', possibly as a favor for Mad Mike or simply the product of a mischievous press operator.  Previously owned by a fanatical '60s Mad Mike groupie and well-known Pittsburgh record collector.  The vinyl used in this record's production displays a distinct color difference compared to other purple wax records in the series.  The ballad side label's paper migration was likely caused by a cooled vinyl biscuit and/or a stamping press setup for black vinyl.

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